I love it- you?

The crisp, cool air.  The crunch of multicolored foliage under your feet.  Pumpkin spice creamer in my cinnamon coffee.  Apple pie.  Chili.

I mean, seriously.  I love it.

It makes me feel like this:

Oh yes, “happy, happy, joy, joy” is totally it for me + autumn.

My sweet husband…. not so much.  It’s not that he dislikes it, he just has a different perspective on one tiny little aspect of the season.  The leaves.

Our home has many, many, many large trees which deposit many, many, many more leaves in our yard.  We also live at the end of the block and seem to accumulate all the neighbors leaves, too.  He is outside every free chance he gets from September through January, and then again in the spring gathering the leftovers.

Poor guy.  At least he’s got the big boys to help him out now.

And while they’re outside, I get to play card maker ;)

I made this with not only my affection for the season in mind, but also for Cath’s Diggin’ on Damask challenge in the Moxie Fab World.  Hope you had time to play along, too!  There’s always soooo much trendy inspiration over there.

My damask leaves were placed behind the die cut kraft piece and accented with some stickles to bring out their fabulousness.

Also, the bottom cream piece is debossed with a woodgrain pattern and the “gust of wind” flourish is continued onto the kraft background.  As I gathered all those buttons for the groundcover I gazed longingly at my sweetie through the window (gathering his), and…. I made him a pumpkin spice coffee.  A labor of love for us both.

Happy Monday, friends!  See you soon.

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6 thoughts on “Ah…autumn!

  1. Lisa Louton says:

    Love your damask leaves – such a cheery card!

  2. This card is lovely and SO creative!

  3. Sue Lelli says:

    LOVE your pattern behind the cutout leaves! LOVE the stitching! LOVE the buttons at the bottom! And Most of all – LOVE that sentiment!

  4. Susan says:

    Hi, Susan, I love your Autumn card and couldn’t agree with you more! Those leaves do create a bit of a challenge, but for the eye appeal while they are still on the trees, there is nothing better!

    I also am on the journey.

    another Susan!

  5. Cath says:

    Hey Susan! Thanks for linking up to the Diggin’ on Damask challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you came along for the ride! :)

  6. Dana says:

    Such a neat idea!

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