Glitter is Glam!

Happy New Year to you!  Got a chance to glitter up some cards (and my face, hair, craft room floor, and perhaps even a couple of my children and/or dogs at the same time) this weekend and I’m sneaking them in juuust under the wire for Cath’s current Moxie Fab challenge.  I so enjoy using glitter, and love thinking up fun ways to use it.  Too bad 95% of the time it’s just not what I had planned.  Ah, creative trial and error.  Always fun.

Okay, first up is my favie.  Although she’s not steeped in glitter, I did a shimmer spritz on the card base (maybe hard to tell in the photo), and glittered up my little rosettes.  They look like candied little flower buds and that just makes me happy.

Number two is a birthday card for our niece whose birthday is next week!  This card in all of its sparkly, pink, maybe girly, maybe punkish-ness is just so her.  Definitely a sassy one, but oh so sweet at just the right time.  Know any 8 year olds like that?  8 going on 18?!?  Whoa.  Anyway, I got to use some of Wplus9’s new 80’s themed set, and it was just a blast.

So happy you took a minute to pop by!  Hope to see you again soon!


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